VIDEO: Hanging with Paul in Whitehall, Bringing a Church Planter Mindset to the Existing Church

Church Planters are a different breed. They are supposed to be the guys who kick-start a ministry with high activity and community involvement. Don’t tell that to Paul Shepherd.


As the relatively new pastor of a 25+/- year-old church in Whitehall, NY, Shepherd is using the principles church planters use, and he is using them out of the same sense of need. “We have a great church here,” he said. “It was a great foundation. And what I wanted to do is turn our focus outward. Through evangelism and outreach, we are getting our people excited about the gospel, and people are getting saved and getting them baptized.”

The video featured here (click the image above) was shot in November, 2014. Thanks for watching.    

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  1. Carolyn Whtiney
    Carolyn Whtiney says:

    HI Paul just want to say I am praising the Lord for his goodness, I grew up in Whitehall NY I use to live on Champlain Ave, I have many cousins that live there, haven’t seen alot of them in years, Where is the church located I guess I didn’t catch that in the video.. I knew a lot of what I was seeing in the video, would like to visit someday, we live in Schenectady NY and we are good friends of our brother and sister Jim and Martha Guenthier. I will be praying for you and your ministry. My cousin Debbie is married to the Mayor, lol, this is so exciting, Thanks for your time, and Keep on Keeping on,
    In Him
    Carolyn Whitney

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